I Heart Faces Photo Challenge ~ May Flowers

This week’s theme at I ♥ Faces is May Flowers.  Since May is my absolute favorite month out of the entire year and the flowers of May are one of the reasons why, I knew I had to jump right in.  Fortunately, this is a non-contest week so everyone posts for fun and there’s no limit to the number of images you can post.  Good thing, since I have too many favorites!!!  Here are some of them:

Virginia bluebells from my woodland wildflower garden:

Hepatica, also from my woodland wildflower garden:

Several images of trillium, one of my most favorite of all the spring ephemerals:

Bloodroot, one of the first woodland wildflowers to emerge in the spring, is also a big favorite of mine:

Trout Lily, so named because of the resemblance of it’s mottled leaves to the coloring of brook trout:

Love those Jack-in-the-Pulpits!

The flowers of spring beauty are so tiny and delicate

Switching from woodland wildflowers to spring bulbs, here are some of my favorite shots of tulips:

Check out more beautiful spring flowers at:


Simplicity Photo Challenge: “Laughter”

When I read that the current photo challenge at Simplicity is “Laughter”, a picture I shot of my sweet little granddaughter back in March popped right into my mind.  Baby Emily was only eleven days old at the time but in the expression I captured, it looked like she was laughing out loud!

Check out more cute laughs at:

First “Big” Butterfly of the Season!

Looking out my kitchen window today, I noticed how the blossoms on my lilac had opened practically overnight.  Such pretty light purple blooms!  Suddenly I spotted a butterfly with bright yellow wings flying from lilac bloom to lilac bloom, nectaring away!  It was a beautiful Eastern tiger swallowtail!  Can summer be far off?!!!  Although I couldn’t be quick enough to run outside to shoot a few pictures of the butterfly, here’s a few shots of a tiger swallowtail from a few summers ago:

Hopefully soon I’ll be spotting monarchs; every day they get closer and closer to Michigan.  My milkweed has sprouted and is quickly growing so it will be ready for them when they arrive!

First Hummingbird of the Season!

Last week I checked Journey North’s website to see how close the ruby throated hummingbirds were to Michigan.  I was so surprised to find that THEY’RE HERE!!!  So I put my hummingbird feeder out the evening of April 30th and on May 1st, two hummers visited it!  This it the earliest date I have ever had hummingbirds visit my backyard!

 This female hummingbird visited my backyard a couple of summers ago.  I hope to be able to photograph a lot more of them this summer!

Backyard Drama

A drama played out in our backyard today:  A red squirrel carried her baby up to one of our birdhouses.


…….and closer……..

……to the opening where she tried to stuff him in.

But she dropped him. THREE TIMES!

She eventually carried him up into the trees and came back without him.  Later in the evening, she brought him back and managed to FINALLY stuff him into the birdhouse!  Here she is peeking out after her success!

And here she is guarding the birdhouse with her babies inside. (My husband Mark had watched her put another baby in earlier in the day so we know that there’s at least two babies in there!).