I Heart Faces: Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

Having just celebrated Father’s Day this past Sunday, this week’s photo challenge at I ♥ Faces is “Let’s hear it for the boys”.  I immediately knew which photo I had to enter: that of my good friend’s grandson.  He’s a sweet little two-year-old who’s always on the move so capturing a good picture of him is a challenge in itself.  I was so happy when he stopped long enough for me to shoot this endearing portrait:

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Baby Bunnies!

A large bunny was spotted a couple of times by my husband and daughter last week just sitting in the flowers that are under the crabapple tree on our front lawn.  It was a picture perfect scene but neither of them had a camera handy.  A few days ago, we found out why the bunny was just sitting there: she was actually on the nest which was home to her three babies!  By the time we discovered this, the bunnies were a day away from leaving the nest but at least I was able to capture some pictures of them.  Here’s one peeking out of the nest:

Another bunny was just sitting in my “White Nancy” lamium:

The third one was hopping about on our lawn and then went to hide in the shrubs.  The next day, none of them could be found anywhere.  Even though they were as cute as can be, I’m glad they moved on!  I sure don’t want them munching on my flowers and veggie plants!