………seeing a few monarchs flying through my backyard.  Way, way fewer than last year since the population is down this year due to the cool, rainy spring we had.  So many caterpillars just couldn’t survive it!  So it’s a real treat to have one nectaring in my yard, such as this beauty:

I usually see an Eastern tiger swallowtail in my yard every day.  Here’s one dining on coneflower:

I was very excited the other day to have a giant swallowtail spend quite a bit of time nectaring on my coneflowers and swamp milkweed.  Such a beautiful butterfly, and huge too!  It’s the largest butterfly in North America with a wingspan of up to six inches.  Here’s the one that visited my backyard:

Other butterfly visitors have included the oh-so-common cabbage whites as well as skippers and blues.  I keep planting more and more butterfly plants in hopes of getting a greater variety of these winged beauties!