Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Brown

In November, most of the colorful autumn leaves have fallen to the ground and the predominant color in the landscape is a drab shade of brown.  But on closer examination, that drab brown can be quite beautiful with many different shades adding interest.  These old oak leaves were still hanging on to the branches and they were anything but drab with the setting sun adding a golden glow to them:

Similarly, the sun cast a warm glow on this teasel:

As it set lower, the sun provided some beautiful backlight and a warm golden brown glow to this field of teasel and grasses:

Common milkweed pods are a common sight in the fall:

Squirrels are busy in the woods gathering nuts for the cold winter ahead.  This friendly guy was keeping his eyes on me!And this deer had her eyes on me too!

Find lots more images featuring the color brown at:


3 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge: Brown

  1. Oh my, these are my favorites so far. Or are they? All so beautiful. I have a thing for photographing squirrels too, and deer at times, but this deer shot beats anything I’ve done. Great job. FYI, I follow you through RSS so keep up the amazing stuff. Thank you so much for such a wonderful e-mail reply. It was great getting to know more about you. To a wonderful Thursday, Mary

    • Thanks so much, Chris! These photo challenges are fun; I wasn’t real excited about “brown” until I realized how much “brown” is actually out there right now! (But I do miss the reds, golds and oranges of peak fall color!).

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